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Challenges Faced By Youth In Pakistan:

Challenges Faced By Youth In Pakistan

Anam Ehsan

Youth is a not biological age but rather a mindset. Pakistan is essentially a young country – almost half of the population falls under the age of twenty (56.5%).
In a country like Pakistan young people are growing up without opportunities, information and services they need to reach their full potential. The youth has to suffer all the problems that takes place in a country. There is no doubt that the youth have been at the centre of socio-economic and socio-political changes taking place in Pakistan. This time of growing age, is the most productive and energetic time. If their energies are not put in the right way they fail to captivate opportunities that come their way and then the youth unfortunately has to indulge itself in bad habits to fulfil their desire. There is no right track on which the youth can actually depend. Rash motor biking, having sheesha, late night café and clubs are common because of this.

Another problem faced by younger people is separation of parents. This problem is very common these days in Pakistan. According to Nisha she is a young female from Faisalabad and she feels the most pressing issues young adults are facing are broken families, the lack of love and support, and money. Ultimately the family issues have a much great impact on students than ever will. Is there such a thing as “family values” anymore? Has our society become so ego-centric and materialistic that selfless love has gone out the window? People should realize the truth because this is having a bad effect on our youth. In researching some of the challenges college students face today, There is an interesting survey. It is really sad to read these statistics and to realize the impact on our future children due to the breakdown in marriages today. Many women shoulder all of the responsibilities and the children in the end suffer the most trauma. I think it is due time that the men out there stand up and be responsible. Children should be taught in high school more about healthy relationships, parenting, and responsible living. Indeed, we can not keep going on this path. It is time to wake up a society living in denial, abuse and irresponsibility to what it is doing to our society and children. Some traditions and morals need to have a fashionable comeback to reverse what is an almost anything goes, at whatever cost destructive way of life. Men should be more responsible and accountable. Those statistics do not mention how many men are considered criminal in their neglect of their children with the results being many young people living in poverty and facing these struggles mentioned. Unfortunately, very few children recieve the support they are entitled to with little consequence to men. However, truly we all are seeing the consequence that can only become worse without planned measures for change.
As for education of our youth, there is a feeling that it should be more productive and progressive in terms of its application and usage. There is no formal guidance for students in logical selection of a specific course of study. There is no single education system in the country. We have three to four education systems running at the same levels. Education does not mean enrolment at universities and colleges. Rather it means putting the skills in the right way. In Pakistan it’s just getting good grades and positions in board. No skills are shaped and developed. It’s just to become a book worm.

Of the 15 largest countries in the world in terms of population size Pakistan has by far the youngest people. Should such a young population be regarded as a burden or an asset? We have an opportunity to turn our very large young people into a productive asset. That could contribute significantly to the economic growth. Youth has such a power through which it can change the future of Pakistan. Both the government and society must join their hands for self-confidence, motivation and courage of the youth to move forward. Youth is now disappointed by the behavior of government towards them. No attention is given to them. They feel helpless in every walk of life. No proper platform is provided which can give them a chance to prove them. It has so much talent but no sources are required which can shape them. Poverty is another challenge faced by youth in Pakistan. It has to face all the crises in a country. Inflation is at high rate. In these circumstances youth can not have a bright future. Foreign jobs are one of the charm of youth. They feel protective and secure in abroad. They have a better life as well as a better future there. In a country which gives more power to rich can not have strong roots.

The youth of Pakistan, despite a multitude of problems like unemployment, poverty, terrorism, bomb blasts, drugs, guns and politics had played a very important role in development of Pakistan. It is unfortunate that the youth, despite their contributions to national developments, find themselves trapped in a culture marked by guns, violence and drugs. Unemployment is another problem being faced by our youth .Though every government has done something for the youth with regards to unemployment .But there is no progress in this.  
After graduating the next issue young adult’s encounter is financial problems. finding and maintaining a good job becomes an issue, also as one gets older more responsibility’s arrive such as car payments, insurance, cell phone bills, internet bills, gas, food, and rent. These payments become extremely overwhelming for a young adult. This is the best time for Pakistan to invest in youth and reactivate their energies if there is any need for economic growth and social development in Pakistan. If we will have a look on the history of the world, it’s clear that the countries with the fastest economic growth are those which heavily invested in their youth.

The role of media in upbringing of our youth has been minimum throughout the history of Pakistan. Most of the youth find our TV programmes non-entertaining and unattractive. Everyone is interested in watching other South Asian and western channels. As a consequence youth has no idea of its roots and history. They are just copying western style and fashion. The ultimate passion of youth is to have western touch. Youth have no idea of its culture and tradition the are following western culture
We have to prepare our youth to face the challenges of the time with unshakable courage and youthful confidence. Sana a student of   Kinnaird College said what makes you believe Pakistan is making progress. The role of youth is the same for 500yrs.They have no role particularly if they are female. So more attention should be provided otherwise it will have a very bad impact on youth as well as our society. Our asset will soon become some others country asset. We should provide courage to youth to have a strong Pakistan.


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